North Korea Moves Invasion Forces To Forward Bases As Tensions Continue To Rise

South Korean military sources said Monday that North Korea has deployed amphibious landing craft with special forces onboard them to the front lines, as the country keeps increasing its combat readiness despite on-going talks to defuse the situation.

10 North Korean air-cushioned landing craft were observed leaving their home base of Cholsan, North Pyongan Province, and relocating to a forward naval base, about 35 miles north of the Northern Limit Line, the unofficial inter-Korean border in the Yellow Sea. The movements were confirmed by South Korean military sources.

“Since North Korea declared a semi-war state, its invasion vehicles and forces have been actively moving,” another source confirmed.

More than 50 North Korean submarines are now at sea and over one million troops have been put on standby.

On Sunday China reacted to the rising tension by moving thousands of troops and accompanying armored personnel carriers to its border with North Korea.

Talks between the two Koreas continued early on Monday morning local time with np update on progress given by either party.

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