North Korean Leader Says The Country Is Capable Of Fighting The United States


North Korean Leader Says The Country Is Capable Of Fighting The United States


The ruler of North Korea Kim Jong-Un has declared that his country is capable of fighting any war provoked by the United States. The dictator made this statement as a giant military parade took place in the country to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the rule of the Workers’ Party.

North Korean troops marched through the capital city of Pyongyang by the thousands. They were led by tanks, armored vehicles and ballistic missiles. The entire scene was a display of North Korea’s military capabilities that the country obviously hopes will intimidate the rest of the world.

Kim Jong-Un told the collected mass of his citizens that the country could fight any war, including one that was initiated by the United States.

He announced, “Our party dauntlessly declares that our revolutionary armed forces are capable of fighting any kind of war provoked by the US and we are ready to protect our people and the blue sky of our motherland.”

The statement was met with a massive amount of applause from North Korean public. Many waved flags and raised supporting banners. A fireworks display was put on later that evening.

North Korea often puts on spectacular displays of its military forces in an effort to boost national pride and patriotism. The country also uses these displays to send threatening messages to the international community.

While North Korea is considerably under-financed, the country does possess nuclear capabilities, and it makes regular threats to destroy South Korea and the United States. The country remains incredibly isolated in terms of political relations. Only China sent a diplomat to the celebratory event.

The country has conducted three separate nuclear tests, while a fourth has been threatened. North Korea has greatly ignored international sanctions by developing its nuclear weapons program and conducting these tests. The international community has been unsuccessfully lobbying for North Korea to abandon its nuclear program for many years.

Recent reports have indicated that North Korea has already obtained somewhere between 10 and 16 nuclear weapons since the end of last year. However, the reliability of these weapons has been questioned.

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