Conflict Between Israelis And Palestinians Spreads To Gaza Strip As Violence Continues

The conflict between Israelis and Palestinians has spread to the Gaza Strip, where Israeli troops have killed six people. Meanwhile, the Islamist extremist group Hamas is trying to incite more violence.

The previous week saw a string of stabbing attacks take place in Israel, the West Bank, and the city of Jerusalem. The stabbing attacks eventually led to a revenge attack being conducted by a Jewish suspect, which resulted in two Palestinians and two Arabian Israelis being wounded.

However, the Gaza strip had mostly been calm until very recently.

A rocket that was shot by the Palestinians hit southern Israel early on Saturday. No damages or injuries took place. The rocket was shot shortly after violence broke out just east of Gaza City.

According to the Israeli army, multiple attempts at violently storming the border by the Palestinians have taken place. Meanwhile, rioters have frequented the buffer zone, throwing grenades and rocks and rolling burning tires at soldiers.

In the process, six Palestinians were killed, while 80 were wounded. This was the deadliest conflict in Gaza since the summer of last year.

Meanwhile, the extremist group Hamas has declared the violence to be an uprising. Many extreme Muslims want the attacks to continue, as they believe it is the only way to bring liberation to their people. The Hamas group largely resides in the Gaza.

Elsewhere in northern Israel, masked citizens have been blocking roads and attacking police officers. So far, eight people have been arrested.

With several stabbing attacks taking place in the West Bank and Jerusalem, many people are fearful that a third official Palestinian intifada, or uprising, will take place. The first occurred in 1987, while a second took place in 2000. The two intifadas combined to kill more than 5,000 Palestinians and nearly 1,100 Israelis.

The Gaza has been plagued by three wars since 2008. A conflict lasting 50 days between the Israelis and Palestinian militants in the summer of last year resulted in the deaths of more than 2,200 people, while another 100,000 were left homeless.

The enclave has been hit by three wars with Israel since 2008. A 50-day conflict between Palestinian militants in Gaza and Israel in the summer of 2014 left more than 2,200 people in the territory dead and 100,000 homeless.

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