Nuclear Deal’s Secret Selling Point Is That It Will Make Bombing Iran Easier

Nuclear Deal’s Secret Selling Point Is That It Will Make Bombing Iran Easier

The Obama administration is taking a tact that some experts are calling reverse psychology in trying to drum up support for the Iran nuclear deal, telling people that if they think the U.S should go to war with Iran, then supporting the deal would be the best thing to do.

In Capitol Hill meetings and in those with influential policy analysts, Obama administration officials are reportedly saying that inspections of Iran’s nuclear facilities, which are part of the deal, would provide the U.S. with information that would be useful for bombing raids should war with Iran break out.

The ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Adam Schiff, said “It’s certainly an argument I’ve heard made. We’ll be better off with the agreement were we to need to use force,” he said.

Experts say the argument could be useful on hawkish view centrist Democrats.

Congress is expected to vote next month on the deal which would release sanctions on Iran in return for allowing inspections of its nuclear program.

President Obama has kept quiet on the deal which experts say is out of concern over tensions between the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and Iran’s clerical regime. Under the deal, the Agency would carry out inspections and monitor Iran’s nuclear program.

Schiff, who has stated he supports the deal said “I can certainly understand why the Iranians wouldn’t like that (the bombing information gathering) argument. But then the Iranians have made a lot of arguments that we don’t like.”

Analysts said having a clearer view and understanding of Iran’s program would undeniably have military benefits.

Professor at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs Austin Long, who studies U.S. military options said “If you want to bomb the program, you should be super excited about this deal. The more you know about Iran’s nuclear program and the industrial infrastructure behind that program, the better you will be able to target it.”

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