Reverse The Damage Caused To Your Liver From Alcohol By Drinking Coffee

Reverse The Damage Caused To Your Liver From Alcohol By Drinking Coffee

New research shows that coffee is actually very good for the liver. Drinking coffee multiple times throughout the course of a day can lead to major improvements in the organ, even in people who consume large amounts of alcohol.

Gastroenterologist Dr. Alex Hodge studied 1,100 patients who suffer from hepatitis C, hepatitis B or fatty liver. Studies have shown that fatty liver is often caused by a heavy consumption of alcohol. While fatty liver produces no observable symptoms, it can result in very serious liver damage.

Dr. Hodge and her colleagues found that drinking three cups of coffee per day has a very positive effect on the liver. However, most of the improvements were seen in Hepatitis C patients. The health impact on the livers of people with hepatitis B and fatty liver were more limited. For these people, a traditional regimen of exercise and proper diet are recommended for maintaining proper liver health.  

The study did not determine exactly why coffee is good for the liver. Coffee contains many different chemicals, so it’s difficult to pinpoint just one. Coffee is the number one source of healthy antioxidants in the United States.

Other recent research has shown that people who drink coffee on a regular basis have a lower risk of dying from diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Professors from Harvard University recently conducted research on the health benefits of coffee.

Harvard University Professor Frank Hu said, “The main message is that regular consumption, meaning three to five cups of coffee a day, is associated with lower risk in total mortality and mortality from several causes like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and suicide.”

Other research on coffee has shown that it can help people recover from colon cancer while also improving the cardiovascular system.

However, you might still want to think before you rush out and stock up on coffee. People who add sugars or creamers to their coffee might be doing more harm than good.