Rich Chinese Man Caught Smuggling Illegal Shark Into Backyard. Twice.

China is known to be the world’s number one environmental abuser, from its factories to illegal fisheries to its love of endangered species for quack medicine.

A new story emerged late Tuesday documenting just how crazy the Chinese are for anything remotely endangered: A wealthy resident of Qingdao purchased a massive great white shark, measuring over 18 feet in length and weighing one ton, and had it craned over his wall and into his backyard.

He then proceeded to skin it, gut it and eat it despite the fact the shark had reportedly been dead for two days at the time of delivery.

Crazier still is that this is not the first shark he’s bought and had delivered. Last year, the same man bought a huge shark, carved it up and shared it with his neighborhood, according to local residents. The man’s identity could not be confirmed.

While great white sharks are in theory protected in China and illegal to sell or purchase, in China, with enough money, any endangered or near extinct animal can be made available.

Great white sharks are classed as “vulnerable” by the WWF, one step away from becoming endangered in the wild.