Russia Loses Second Rocket In A Month

Russia Loses Second Rocket In A Month

Russia lost its second rocket of the month when a technical problem sent part of a rocket and its satellite payload, raining down onto southeastern Siberia, according to Russian state media.

Roscosmos is a large launcher of commercial satellites and other payloads for the private sector, the vast majority of which complete their missions successfully.

The Proton-M, a reliable and well-used rocket, was feared lost after launch, the TASS news agency reported. This was due to an “emergency situation” occurring during the boost phase, Roscosmos said.

“Preliminary data indicate that the third stage and the Mexican satellite may fall in the Chita region. “The emergencies ministry has been notified,” the space agency said.

Roscosmos had announced the rocket would be carrying a communications satellite for the Mexican government.