Russia Ships S-400 Missile Defense Systems To One Of Its Many Arctic Military Bases

Over the past year, Russia has deployed two highly advanced S-400 missile systems to the country’s Arctic region located north of the polar circle. This confirms that Russia has been largely working to reestablish its military presence in the Arctic.

These anti-aircraft missile systems have reportedly been deployed to the Novaya Zemlya archipelago and to the Yakutian port of Tiksi in the Arctic Ocean. These areas are secured with short-range mobile air defense systems that feature surface-to-air missile launchers and double barrel 30mm cannons.

The military base at the Novaya Zemlya archipelago has also been supported with Bastion-P complexes that are armed with P-800 Yakhont anti-cruise ship missiles.

According to reports, these military bases are on 24 hour alert, and Russia has also been maintaining other military bases in the Arctic as well. These bases are all armed with missiles, air defense equipment and artillery batteries.

The bases are spread throughout the Arctic, going from the Cola Peninsula and the Novaya Zemlya in the west to the bases at Andyr and Mys Shmidta in the eastern Arctic. All of the bases are reportedly carrying out relevant military tasks.

For now, the Russian military is working on finalizing construction and renovation at six of the arctic bases. These six bases are the ones located at the Kotelny Islands, the Sredny Islands, Alexandra Land Island, Wrangel Island, Mys Shmidta, and the Rogachevo Airfield.

Ultimately, the Defense Ministry of Russia is planning to construct or renovate 13 military airfields, while also deploying ten new radar installations in the arctic.

Since late last year, a United Strategic Command for the Arctic has become operable for Russia. This has united the country’s command over a number of military bases throughout its far north.
It makes one wonder what exactly Russia is preparing for.

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