Study Finds That ‘Poor White Boys’ Have A Harder Start In Life

Study Finds That ‘Poor White Boys’ Have A Harder Start In Life

According to a recent study, poor white males are at the greatest disadvantage when it comes to the early years of life. The results of the study show that poor white males perform poorly in school, lowering their chances of obtaining a nice job as adults.

Instead, these students are likely to end up in low-paying, insecure jobs that will make forming a good foundation in life very difficult. They are also more likely to spend their lives in poverty, and are more likely to have a hard time finding decent housing.

Based on the results of the study, white male students who qualify for the free lunch program at school have the lowest academic performance. When it came to poor students overall, white students were the worst performers.

However, when students who do not qualify for the free lunch program were considered, black students were the worst performers.

There were some common trends. Poor students performed worse across the board when compared to non-poor students. Males scored lower than females. And Chinese students had the highest scores, whether they were poor or non-poor.

It should be noted that there was a particularly low number of poor Chinese students considered in the survey, making it difficult to determine if the results for that group are accurate.

The study was based in England, and whether or not the students received a C grade or higher on their General Certificate of Secondary Education was used to measure if they performed poorly in terms of academics. Students who did not receive at least a C grade were said to be poor academic performers.

The results showed that overall academic performance has improved over time in all categories, but poor white males showed the smallest amount of improvement. This suggests that poor white male students are being left behind when it comes to academics.

The study did not offer a reason for the poor academic performances of poor white male students.

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