Taxpayers Footed Obama’s $8.1M Hawaiin Vacation Bill

Finally after two years of media questioning, the White House has released financial details of President Obama’s 2013 Hawaiian Christmas vacation.

The total cost to the taxpayer was $8.1 million. Because the itinerary in 2013 is similar to Obama’s Hawaiian break this year, it is more than likely the total bill for this year will be very similar.

U.S taxpayers have forked out $70,880,035.78 for the president’s travels, with the tab still open.

Department of Homeland Security figures show that Secret Service expenses for Obama’s family vacation to Honolulu during December 2013-January 2014, totaled to at least $316,698.03. With the amount so high, it is no wonder the Secret Service took nearly two years to produce the figure. Media first began asking to see the bill on January 6, 2014, under a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

According to the released records, $91,751.78 went on car rental expenses, and $224,974.05 in accommodation expenses was paid to Paradise Luxury Rentals and Cabana Girl, LLC.

The Secret Service is still withholding 28 pages of expenses.

Records released by the U.S. Air Force show the 2013 Hawaii vacation cost $7,781,361.30 in flight expenses alone. This works out at 36.9 hours at $210,877 per hour.

Just before leaving on the 17 day long vacation, President Obama told reporters he was “eager to skip town”.

A report of the vacation by The Washington Post read: “The presidential motorcade ferried the Obamas across Oahu, the state’s most populous island, to the well-to-do oceanfront neighborhood of Kailua, where as in years past they have rented a private home for what this time will be a 17-day holiday vacation For the sixth straight year, Obama plans to spend Christmas and New Year’s in Hawaii, gathering with extended family and friends — and, yes, perfecting his golf game.”

No word yet on if the President paid for golf lessons.

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