The awkward kiss felt around the world

Recently at the 50th NAACP Awards ceremony, Beyonce’ earned the title of “Entertainer of the Year”  The attention quickly turned from a positive occasion overshadowed by a negative with the awkward kiss felt around the world.

Power star Omari Hardwick is being stung by all of the news outlets and Beyonce’ fans after the actor kissed the singer twice at the 2019 NAACP Image Awards on Saturday.

There is two sides here going in on this fight, the Beyonce’ fans which hve cried out foul play and the Hardwick fans that say it was an accident and unplanned.
Personal as a women I do know how uncomfortable it is if a man invades your personal space and creeps you out. But as a human I also know that sometimes we do things because we are nervous or not intentionally that we go Wtf? Why? Yuggg! We have all been there. When we walk away from someone we may like shaking our heads because we said something stupid or were just awkward in their presence. We beat ourselves up for days and weeks sometimes.

I obviously don’t know the actor personally but can tell you that he is a kisser as famous Fly jock, Tom Joyner recently said on his morning radio show. The actor even kissed him and other men at a recent award show.
I get it, I am a kisser, I am not a perv, I am Italian, we kiss, that is how we were raised. You kissed when you greet people and when they are leaving, it’s no big deal. And I can tell you there have been awkward kisses in my life.

My ex-husband had a cousin that when you went in to kiss hello he would always go for the wrong side, resulting in missed or very awkward kisses, it was the running joke in the family for years.

Sometimes we are overtaken by emotion, or especially if you were to meet someone you admired or respected, you become a geek in that moment. Hell, we have all been there, maybe this was Omari’s moment.

Why are we so quick to prosecute someone today? Why can’t we take a step backwards and look at the reason’s. This man is a kisser, he is an equal opportunity kisser at that, maybe it wasn’t meant to be like that, he was nervous, maybe she was his dream girl and he was finally getting to meet her, we don’t know but for God’s sake why blow it out of proportion when you didn’t get so bent out of shape when #45 spoke from his own mouth that he grabbed women by the pussy. Hello! Let’s be real here!

This was just an awkward kiss, come on people even I who have been raped and sexually harassed in my life time wouldn’t make such a huge deal with this.
We are getting too strict, too politically correct, every move, every thing we do is criticized, broken down and analyzed.

We are human, even if they are famous, they are human. Cut everyone some slack today maybe just maybe if we put ourselves in someone’s else’s shoes, if we came from a place of compassion instead of criticism the world would be a better place and we would be talking about more important subjects and not a awkward kiss.

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