The CIA Just Gave Syrian Rebels The Weapons To Down An Airliner

The CIA Just Gave Syrian Rebels The Weapons To Down An Airliner

Now that the United States is about to deploy ground troops in Syria, the CIA is reportedly strengthening its supply lines in order to protect Syrian rebel groups who are also trying to bring down Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Reports indicate that officials from Saudi Arabia and Turkey urged the United States to bolster these supply lines.

In a questionable act, the United States is reportedly supplying some Syrian rebel forces with incredibly powerful weapons. Some of these weapons are capable of bringing down civilian aircrafts.

By supplying rebel groups with weapons, the United States hopes that it will be able to stop the intervention of Russia and Iran, who are working to keep President Assad in power.

Although President Barack Obama has insisted that he doesn’t want the Syrian conflict to develop into a proxy war for the United States and Russia, by supplying the weapons, he is doing exactly that. Arming the rebels only deepens the fighting and the violence.

Meanwhile, officials from the United States and Saudi Arabia remain adamant that President Assad cannot continue to lead Syria.

During the past month, Russian airstrikes in Syria have been intensifying. As a result, the CIA and other forces have been increasing their flow of military supplies to rebels who are located in northern Syria.

Most notably, they have started providing extremely dangerous anti-aircraft weapons. The flow of these weapons are expected to continue in the coming weeks.

One unnamed United States military official said, “Assad is not going to feel any pressure to make concessions if there is no viable opposition that has the capacity, through the support of its partners, to put pressure on his regime.”

Some military experts believe that providing rebel forces with powerful anti-aircraft weapons will be an effective way of deterring Russian forces from making future air attacks.

However, many people are concerned that these weapons could eventually end up in the hands of terrorists. Some of the weapons have been fitted with “kill switches” that can be activated by the United States in order to prevent their usage.

What is very concerning is that the United States started supplying the rebels with these anti-aircraft weapons shortly before a major passenger plane was shot down over Egypt.

ISIS has already claimed responsibility for this deadly attack. Thus, it’s very possible that these weapons have already ended up being seized by ISIS forces.

Needless to say, some highly questionable moves are coming out of the United States.

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