The Dutch Have Had Enough, Ban Muslim Veils In Public Places

As radical Islam taints the entire religion with terror, rape and violence, citizens of civilized countries are starting to push back, realizing that excessive religious tolerance is amounting to regression back towards middle ages social policies and customs.

The latest country to push back is the Netherlands, where the Dutch cabinet approved a proposal to ban face-covering Islamic veils on public transportation and in public areas such as schools and hospitals.

Dutch interior minister, Ronald Plasterk, said in a statement on Friday that: “Face-covering clothing will in future not be accepted in education and healthcare institutions, government buildings and on public transport.”

The ban would not apply to wearing veils, know as the burqa or the niqab, on streets. It would only apply for security reasons or “in specific situations where it is essential for people to be seen”, the Dutch prime minister, Mark Rutte, told reports.

While claiming that “the bill does not have any religious background,” it represents increasing frustration with a religion that is intent on pulling all countries of the world back into the middle ages, where clerics rule and personal rights are foregone on religious grounds.

The government said it “tried to find a balance between people’s freedom to wear the clothes they want and the importance of mutual and recognizable communication”. It further stated that the cabinet “sees no reason for a general ban that would apply to all public places”.

A previous bill sought to ban face-covering veils on the street, but that will now be withdrawn.

The new bill was drawn up by a coalition of parties across the political spectrum in the country.

Those villating the ban could be fined up to €405 or about $450.

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