These Hunters Accidentally Killed Two Moose That Were On Display At A Zoo

These Hunters Accidentally Killed Two Moose That Were On Display At A Zoo

A group of hunters in Norway were initially excited when they located two large moose, which they proceeded to shoot and kill. They thought they were extremely lucky to locate two stagnant moose that were standing in a very close proximity together.

However, the excitement of the group was short lived when the party realized that the two moose they had killed actually belonged to a zoo. The hunting party had shot through a zoo fence and killed two moose that were on display in an exhibit.

The two moose belonged to the Polar Park Zoo. The zoo had five moose before the accidental shooting, but now they are down to three.

The Polar Park Zoo is located in the town of Narvik in northern Norway. The animals displayed at the zoo are caged, but they live in habitats that resemble their natural surroundings.

The workers at the zoo apparently did a really good job of creating the natural environment simulations, because they managed to trick the hunters into believing they were gaming animals in the permitted areas of the forest.

After the unfortunate accident took place, the hunting group called the zoo to report the incident. They said that their hunting dogs managed to sneak into the moose exhibit, and the hunters never realized that a fence was present.

Wildlife officials in the area are understandably concerned about the incident that took place. However, they do acknowledge that it was an accident.

The wildlife tribunal chairman for Troms County in Norway Arne Nysted said, “This is a regrettable mistake made in connection with lawful hunting on the outside of the park. It was a fatal error, but everyone understands that it was not done at all on purpose.”

The Polar Park Zoo plans to ask members of the hunting group for compensation.

In Norway, moose are typically referred to as elk. It’s only in North America where the animals are called moose.