This Company Is Cashing In On Halloween Costumes Of Donald Trump and El Chapo

This Company Is Cashing In On Halloween Costumes Of Donald Trump and El Chapo

Every Halloween, people try to come up with the most creative costumes based on popular current events, and this year is no exception. Right now, two costume ideas that are proving to be extremely popular include Mexican fugitive drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman and Republican presidential candidate and reality television star Donald Trump.

The two are widely seen by many as infamous villains, and one Mexican company known as Grupo Rev is set to make a boat load of cash selling masks of Guzman and Trump.

Grupo Rev is selling a costume set of Guzman that features a mask, complete with the drug lord’s signature mustache, and a black-and-white striped prison uniform. The costume set is selling for $30 online.

The company says that the costume helps put humor to the situation of Guzman’s recent prison escape, which is the second time that the cartel leader escaped from prison.

Design engineer for Grupo Rev Maria Del Carmen Navarro said, “There’s a little bit of criticism but we are Mexicans and we find laughter in tragedy.”

So far, Grupo Rev claims that 2,000 Guzman costumes have already been sold. The company plans on producing 1,700 more. They are produced at the central Mexican town of Jiutepec.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has become one of the most hated people in Mexico. The GOP presidential candidate has made extremely offensive remarks about Mexican immigrants. Trump went on a massive tirade, claiming that Mexico was sending rapists, drug dealers and other criminals to the United States.

If elected President of the United States, Trump plans to deport more than 11 million illegal immigrants, and he also says he plans to construct a massive wall on the US-Mexican border.

Grupo Rev has not started selling the Donald Trump masks, but they have produced 250 so far. A price for the masks has not yet been determined. The company is extremely confident that they well just as well as the Guzman costume sets, if not even better.

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