Thousands Of Man Sized Jellyfish Swarm British Coast

Britain is seeing an invasion of massive, man-sized jellyfish off its coast this week that weigh up to 100 pounds each. Yet nobody knows why.

The slimy creatures have tentacles up to six feet long, and are so numerous that they are being left stranded on the island of Portland, Dorset, when the tide goes out.

Researchers think that the creatures have headed closer to shore because warmer seas have made more plankton available closer to land, which has subsequently put them in contact with people. They are usually found in more tropical areas such as the Mediterranean sea.

Fortunately for bathers or anyone looking to get up close and personal with the huge creatures their sting isn’t considered dangerous, but can cause a rash.

A photographer captured these stunning pictures of enormous jellyfish as record numbers swarm to the UK coast.

Last year an observer said he was delighted to spot two and hoped he would be lucky enough to find a couple again when he returned to the same spot on Saturday. He was astonished when he discovered the waters a mile off shore filled with the five-foot long creatures and said he swam among more than 100.

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