Trial Evidence Shows CIA Planted Nuclear Blueprints On Iranian Scientists

Trial Evidence Shows CIA Planted Nuclear Blueprints On Iranian Scientists

The CIA has adopted a no tell stance to questions being asked about its doctoring of nuclear weapon blueprints it handed over to Iran in an attempt to introduce bugs into that country’s nuclear weapons development program..

If the allegations which came to light in CIA documents used as evidence in the trial earlier this year of Jeffrey Sterling, who was found guilty of leaking classified information about CIA operations against Iran, it could lead to a United Nations reassessment of its stance on international sanctions imposed on Iran because of its “known” nuclear weapons plans.

The United Nations used the alleged doctored plans as evidence to impose the sanctions.

One document which was submitted in Sterling’s trial read “The goal is to plant this substantial piece of deception information on the Iranian nuclear-weapons program, sending them down blind alleys, wasting their time and money” .

Sterling had worked on a CIA backed sting project designed to mislead Iranian scientist by giving that country’s representatives on the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEC) doctored designs for components used in nuclear weapons.

Former IAEC envoy Peter Jenkins said “This story suggests a possibility that hostile intelligence agencies could decide to plant a ‘smoking gun’ in Iran for the IAEA to find. That looks like a big problem.”

Although the Iranian Government has always accused the IAEC and the United Nations for basing their decisions on forged documents, the IAEC has never admitted to receiving doctored evidence. An IAEA spokesman said all information it receives is thoroughly assessed.

The CIA has not replied to media requests for comment.

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