Twitter Rips Amazon Billionaire For Trolling SpaceX

Twitter Rips Amazon Billionaire For Trolling SpaceX

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos trolled SpaceX CEO Elon Musk on Twitter after SpaceX managed to launch a rocket into space and successfully bring back the booster. But the public wasn’t exactly pleased with the trolling efforts by Bezos, who owns a separate commercial space company, Blue Origin.

Bezos offered a tweet to Musk that “welcomed him to the club”, which was basically reference a successful rocket launch by Blue Origin that took place in November. Blue Origin and SpaceX are currently engaged in a “commercial space-race” that is somewhat reminiscent of the space race of the 1960s.

However, the November Blue Origin launch was not as technologically complex or as impressive as the one by SpaceX. Many felt that Bezos claiming that Blue Origin was in the “same club” as SpaceX was out of line.

In response to his trolling antics, the Twitter universe quickly lashed out against Bezos. They stated that the launch by Musk and SpaceX was much more noteworthy than the Blue Origin and that Bezos had no place to talk. Many laughed at the fact that Bezos thought he was “on the same level” with SpaceX.

In the Blue Origin launch, the rocket basically only achieved suborbital levels. The launch by SpaceX was a full orbital launch. Many said that the two launches could not be properly compared.  

Still, that did not stop many Twitter users from attacking Bezos for his comments. Some said that Bezos words to Musk represented a “cheap shot”, and that SpaceX actually landed a “real rocket”, unlike Blue Origin. And of course, some people were on deck to reference the accusations against Blue Origin that the company had underpaid warehouse workers in the past.  

The good news here is that this should give Bezos and Blue Origin the fuel needed to step up their game. Meanwhile, SpaceX will be working hard to protect its title as the current king of the industry. Healthy competition can be a good thing, and there’s no shortage of it in this latest space race. Expect good things to come out of both SpaceX and Blue Origin as they fiercely compete as commercial space rivals.

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