Twitter Suspends Accounts Of Two Major Sports Websites After NFL Complaints

Twitter Suspends Accounts Of Two Major Sports Websites After NFL Complaints

The Twitter accounts of two popular sports websites were suspended on Monday after the National Football League along with other groups filed several complaints in regard to copyright laws. The Ultimate Fighting Championship is also reportedly involved in the matter at hand.

The NFL and the accompanying groups sent the complaints to Twitter. They claimed that certain tweets by accounts belonging to the sports websites of Deadspin and SB Nation were in violation of copyright laws according to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The groups requested that the tweets in violation be removed from Twitter.

The internet copyright monitoring company NetResult filed the 33 pages of notices on the behalf of the NFL.

NFL Spokesperson Brian McCarthy stated, “The NFL sent routine notices as part of its copyright enforcement program requesting that Twitter disable links to more than a dozen pirated NFL game videos and highlights that violate the NFL’s copyrights.”

The Twitter account for Deadspin was later reinstated, but clicking on certain tweets led users to an error message, stating that the tweets were being withheld because of a report from the copyright holder.

Meanwhile, the Twitter account for SB Nation is still suspended.

Spokesperson for Twitter Nu Wexler declined to comment on the situation.

SB Nation is a network of sports-related media that was launched in 2005. The network maintains more than 300 sports websites and blogs across the internet. Time Magazine named it the most influential sports website on the internet in 2011. SB Nation has partnerships with Yahoo, CBS, USA Today, Comcast and the National Hockey League.

Deadspin is a sports website that was also launched in 2005. It is owned by Gawker Media, and was founded by Will Leitch, who was later replaced by AJ Daulerio. The website focuses on the daily news that comes out of the sporting world.