U.S. Government Making It Easy For China To Beat Us In Global Drone Sales

U.S. Government Making It Easy For China To Beat Us In Global Drone Sales

While most ally countries of the United States typically purchase American weapons, this is starting to change because of outrageous American policies. Most notably, other countries are starting to obtain drones from countries outside of the United States. In particular, Chinese drones are becoming immensely popular abroad.

Although the United States military has the most technologically advanced weapons in the world, other countries have been able to obtain weapons more cheaply from places like China. Additionally, American officials have been establishing new policies to make foreign weapon transfers more difficult.

The Middle East country of Jordan has been one of many countries waging a war against the Islamic State. Jordanians have been making requests for the American Reaper Drone. If the country had access to this drone, Jordan would been able to combat ISIS in a more effective fashion, while also better protecting its borders.

One would think that selling Reaper Drones to Jordan would be a good idea. With the sale, America would make money and ISIS would have another enemy. However, the sale to Jordan was outright denied. Instead, Jordan had to turn to China to purchase drones.

The Chinese have developed a drone called the Caihong 5 that is virtually equivalent to the Reaper. The country is selling these drones with fewer restrictions and at a cheaper rate than the United States. Even still, many world leaders are more trusting of “made in America” weaponry than Chinese equipment. But when the United States won’t even allow a deal to take place, the countries have no choice but to turn to China.

Now, the United States is losing its market share of military weapons to China. For many Americans, this is a serious issue of security. China would likely sell its weapons to anyone, including some very serious enemies of the United States. Meanwhile, the United States is shooting itself in the foot in terms of security, market share and economic benefits.

It’s just another example of the United States passing off opportunity to the Chinese. It’s no wonder that China is continuing to get stronger, while the United States is largely stagnant.