Why Loretta Lynch Isn’t The Attorney General Yet

It has nothing to do with her and everything to do with our dysfunctional system of governance. Ms. Lynch is highly qualified, well regarded and yet sits in waiting due to petty political bickering. For context, Lynch’s wait to be confirmed is two times longer than the past 6 attorney generals combined! Eric Holder’s nomination by contrast took just 8 days.

After a five month wait the nomination has not even been heard and considered by our elected officials.

Specifically, Ms. Lynch’s nomination remains stalled while senators fight a partisan war over abortion, a fight that has nothing to do with her. Democrats object to a human-trafficking bill that contains the so-called Hyde Amendment, restricting government spending on abortion.

Rather than passing by acclamation, as it would have done without the abortion controversy, the bill has been blocked by a Democratic filibuster. Lawmakers are looking for ways around the impasse that will placate the pressure groups up in arms over the Hyde language. Until that agreement is reached, Mr. McConnell won’t bring up the Lynch nomination.

Regardless of your political leanings its clear Ms. Lynch should get immediate floor consideration. Write your elected officials and ask them just what they’re doing, because it certainly isn’t governing effectively.

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