Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Becomes 15th GOP Presidential Candidate

On Monday, Wisconsin governor Scott Walker announced his candidacy for the upcoming 2016 Republican presidential nomination making him the 15th Republican to announce their candidacy. Walker has always ranked among the elite contenders for the GOP’s nomination in several recent polls yet joins a crowded field. Despite his success with conservatives in the past, the Wisconsin governor will have to prove his appeal to a greater range of Republicans than Iowa, the first nominating contest.

Walker’s advisers say he will portray himself as a “fighter who can win” at a campaign launch at 6:15 p.m. EDT in Waukesha, just outside of Milwaukee.

Walker and his campaign team released a video to announce his candidacy on Monday. The theme of his campaign is a “fighter who can win”. In Waukesha, a small town outside of Milwaukee, Walker will launch his campaign at 6:15 pm EDT.

The 47-year-old governor has an impressive political history with three statewide elections under his belt within four years. This includes his victory in 2012 when he spoke on behalf of the public unions in Wisconsin by challenging the collective bargaining process. Walker was re-elected as governor last November and in 2010 won a first gubernatorial election.

Several potential voters and supporters of Walker are impressed by his success in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin governor has experience, which is a huge must for any presidential candidate. Many are comparing him to a newer, more relevant Jeb Bush.

Walker’s weakness in regards to international affairs is apparent at times. Walker made a comment describing how his experience fighting for labor unions have prepared him to face groups such as the Islamic State. This comment didn’t go unnoticed by the press and Walker received much criticism on its behalf.

With the issues in the Middle East, national security and foreign policy will be huge topics in the 2016 election and ones that Walker will have to prove his competency in.

Walker has changed his political positions in the past, which may open him up to criticism from his rivals. Last year, he said that an abortion should be a decision between a doctor and the woman. After this, he supported a bill that banned abortions after 20 weeks. In addition, Walker now doesn’t support a legal option to gain citizenship for illegal immigrants.

It seems as though Walker will secure his support in Iowa. The real question is whether he can continue that trend farther down the road.

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