10 Celebrities Who Still Struggle With Student Debt

struggling with student debt

Many of us regular folks struggle with student debt, however we aren’t the only ones! These celebrities still struggle with student debt even after they’ve achieved stardom.

Currently, Senator Elizabeth Warren and Majority Leader Chuck Schumer are urging President Biden to forgive $50,000 in student debt per borrower. If this amount is forgiven, 84% of people with loans would have their debt wiped out!

However, Biden is unsure this would be a benefit to people with lower income. Additionally, he has asked congress to forgive $10,000 per loan borrower.

These 10 Celebrities Still Struggle With Student Debit 


struggle with student debt
Jon Hamm | Getty

1 . John Ham 

Actor, John Ham, who attended the University of Missouri for a B.A. in English said “I went to three universities in four years, and had financial aid at all.”

Ham attended school in 1993 and wasn’t able to fully pay off his loans until 2004, when he started getting work as an actor.


struggling with student loans

2. Miles Teller

American actor, Miles Teller found great success in films like Fantastic Four and Footloose, however struggled with NYU debt for years.

Despite his impressive success, the actor could not pay off his debt due to the low interest on his loans. He told Vulture in an interview that he did not make it priority, although he did eventually pay them in full.


struggle with loans

3. Gina Rodriguez 

Another New York University graduate, actress Gina Rodriguez struggled with student debt. In a 2017 interview with the Late Show, She told the host that she only finished paying off her loans at 32 despite graduating at 21.


struggling with student loans Kerry Washington | Tech Crunch – Jordan Crook

4. Kerry Washington

Actress and George Washington University grad. Kerry Washington described herself in a statement “as a person who could not afford college without the help of student loans”.

Once she reached high celebrity status with her hit show Scandal, Washington was able to pay off her student debt.


struggling with student loans Kate Walsh | James Atoa

5. Kate Walsh

Umbrella Academy and Grey’s Anatomy actress Kate Walsh also struggled with student debt. Studying at the University of Arizona, Walsh said she left school with “just thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars in debt.” 


actors who stuggle with student loans
Jane Lynch | Pop Sugar

6. Jane Lynch 

Next up on our list of celebrities who still struggle with student debt is, Jane Lynch. Glee star opened up in an interview with CBD about her personal battle with student loans.

“It follows you through life, it’s a really important decision to make as you’re about to go to college … for parents to make.”


still struggle with student debt

7. Kevin Bozeman 

Stand-up comedian, Kevin Bozeman told U.S. News that he was on a repayment plan until 2015. Despite his success as a comedian he was unable to pay off his loans until his 40s.

When joking about student loans he says, “I got one thing out of college: bad credit. That was all I got, some student loans, man. I didn’t know they wanted you to pay that back. I thought that was only if you graduated.”


who struggle with student debt

8. Barack Obama 

Yes, thats right, even former president Barack Obama struggled with student loans. Attending Columbia University and Harvard Law School, Obama was paying off his student loans well into his 40s.

However, he does say that higher education is “the single best investment you can make in your future.”


celebrities who still struggle with student loans

9. Michelle Obama 

Additionally, former first lady, Michelle Obama also struggled to pay off her student loans. With impressive credentials from Princeton University and Harvard Law School, Obama battled a “mountain of debt”. 

The combined debt from both Barack and Michelle Obama after graduating from law school was about $120,000. She said that she felt limited with her career choices due to the massive debt.


still struggle with studen loans
AOC | Mandel Ngan/Getty

10. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez 

We all love a success story, and the AOC herself is a great one. Boston University graduate and U.S. Representative, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez has been very open with her struggles with student debt.

As of 2019, the Congresswoman had $19,000 in student debt and has stated that she had to “do something that was nearly impossible.” Which was to become the youngest American woman ever elected to congress in order to obtain healthcare and pay off her loans.

It’s not just non-famous people who still struggle with student debt.


In hopes of sparking some inspiration and hope, these 10 celebrities and government officials still struggle with student debt. It is not a problem that only affects regular, non-famous people. It is a common battle even the most successful people face.

If you’re struggling with student loans, keep your head up and remember it’ll all work out in the end!

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