10 Tips to Relieve Allergies Without Drugs

relieve allergies

As allergy season approaches, the need for pills may seem like the only viable option. However, we have 10 tricks to relieve allergies without drugs.

What are allergies anyways?

Allergies are an improper functioning of the immune system. Our bodies react abnormally to certain substances from our environment that are typically not harmful.

For seasonal and skin allergies, treatment is usually to take an antihistamine such as Clariten or Benadryl. For more immediate allergy relief, corticosteroids are used to reduce allergy related inflammation.

If allergy symptoms still are not responding to treatment, nasal decongestants can be used as well.

Why should we skip the pills?

For starters, many allergy medications cause drowsiness. This can be an issue for people on the go all day long especially during allergy seasons.

Additionally, you can actually go through withdrawal from certain antihistamines. Some symptoms include itching, burning sensations on the skin and range from moderate to severe.

In 2015, Harvard released a study that long term use of Benadryl can actually increase the risk of dementia. 

How To Relieve Allergies without drugs

There are many things that we can do to relieve allergies without drugs. Here is our list of the 10 best things you can do to treat your allergies without turning to the medicine cabinet.

1. Air filters

Although filters usually clean the air that comes to their homes, some types of filters can actually worsen the situation. Avoid using cheap air conditioning filters, and select proven brands to remove allergy-causing agents.

Additionally, don’t use ionic electrostatic room cleaners, as they fail to collect most airborne particles. Remember that filters should be cleaned frequently!

2. Natural Antihistamines to Relieve Allergies Without Drugs

There are plenty of natural ways to relieve allergies without drugs. Here are some natural antihistamines:

  • Vitamin C – supplements or fruits and veggies
  • Bromelain – an enzyme found in pineapples or as a supplement
  • Probiotics – supplements
  • Quercetin – antioxidant



3. Don’t Leave The Windows Open

Substances that cause reactions in our bodies are usually found in the air. If you keep your windows open, these substances can enter your home and settle in your furniture. Closing your windows can prevent this from happening.


4. Clean Pets Regularly

Pets can absorb allergens like pollen and bring them back to your home. If you don’t wash your pet frequently, it can aggravate the situation.

relieve allergies
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5. Avoid Vacuuming

While cleaning your home is very important, the process of vacuuming can spread dust and airborne substances throughout your house.

This can certainly worsen your allergy situation. A person who suffers from allergies should let another member of the household handle the vacuuming duties.

6. Maintain The Garden

Be sure to pay proper attention to the garden. Mow the lawn regularly, and trim any overgrown plants. An unkempt garden can spread allergens, causing problems for your health.

7. Wash Your Hair Before Bed

The best period to wash your hair is at night. During the day your hair absorbs allergens and once you go to sleep they can easily cause reactions in your body.

8.Prevent Mold

Mold can aggravate allergies. You can use a dehumidifier to get some moisture out of the air, but not make the air completely dry. You can also remove the soap residue in the sinks and tubs.


9. Avoid Windy Days

If you are suffering from pollen related allergies, avoid being outdoors on windy days. The pollen from the trees and the plants will spread much faster because of the wind.

10. Watch What You Eat 

Some foods can be very harmful when it comes to aggravating allergies. Spicy foods, celery and alcohol are things that must be avoided if you are suffering from allergies.

relieve allergies without drugs


Hopefully some of these tips will help you find some relief from allergies without the need of medication. Let us know if any of these tricks work for you this allergy season!

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