10 Warning Signs Of Bipolar Disorder

According to NIMH, bipolar disorder affects 4.4% of the U.S population. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms listed below, just know you are not alone and there are valuable treatment options. Don’t start to panic, treatment is available and sometimes getting accurate testing from a medical professional will reveal how to successfully manage your symptoms and live the life you deserve.

Bipolar disorder describes psychosis, and it was once referred to as a manic depression. Nowadays, it is sometimes called a mood disorder. It is a serious disorder that is characterized by recurring episodes. That is why it is very important to act when you notice the first warnings of this disorder. People suffering from bipolar disorder go through extreme cycles of mood changes, from depression and emotional pain to excitement and euphoria.

1. Lack of interest

This sign is manifested as a sudden lack of interest in things that were usually interesting for that person. They either lack interest or don’t enjoy those things any more.

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