5.3 Magnitude Earthquake Shakes Southern California

California earthquake

Today a 5.3 magnitude earthquake series shook parts of Southern California. Luckily, no reports of injuries so far! Here is everything we know.

Early Saturday morning, a swarm of earthquakes was felt across Southern California. According to USGS, Did you feel it reports, said people in Chula Vista, San Diego and El Centro felt the 5.3 magnitude quake.

95 miles away from the location of the earthquake in Del Mar, shaking was felt in apartment buildings. Seismologist, Lucy Jones said in a Tweet that earthquakes in this area often come in clusters. 

These earthquakes are still being monitored by local fire departments and emergency services. However, there are no reports of injuries or damages.

5.3 mag earthquake SoCal
Did You Feel It Report | USGS

What does a 5.3 magnitude earthquake mean?

An earthquakes magnitude is expressed on a scale from 1-10 called the Richter scale.

10 is the absolute highest, additionally an earthquake of this magnitude would cause severe damage. Not only would there be extreme shaking, tsunamis would hit for several days, even weeks.

Is a 5.3 magnitude Earthquake Strong?

This is considered a moderate earthquake. It would be felt in addition to potentially causing damage.

5.3 magnitude earthquake
Earth Scar | Shefali Lincoln @sheflincoln

How many earthquakes has california had in 2020?

California has thousands of earthquakes a year, most of them are not felt at all and fall below a 2.0 on the Richter scale.

However, there was a 6.5 earthquake May 15th, 2020. Considered a strong earthquake, it left a large crack across the US-95 highway that connects Las Vegas and Reno.

What Is The Largest Earthquake California Has Had?

In 1857 the Fort Trejon area in California has a 7.9 mag earthquake This big quake left a 220 mile surface crack and unfortunately, killed two people.

This may have been the largest earthquake however, it didn’t cause the most damage. Here are some of the most devastating earthquakes to shake California:

  • 7.8 – 1906 in San Francisco – killed 3,000 and displaced 225,000
  • 6.9 – 1989 Bay Area – killed 63 and $10 billion in damage
  • 6.7 – 1994 Northridge – killed 57 and $40 billion in damage
  • 6.4 – 1993 SE Long Beach – killed 115 and led to building code changes for schools.


Southern California 5.3 magnitude earthquake
Roadside Earthquake |
Dave Goudreau

What Country Has The Worst Earthquakes?

Although California and the west coast sit on many large fault lines, it doesn’t have the worst earthquakes in the world.

Japan has the most recorded earthquakes, as the whole country sits on a very active ‘seismic area’. However, the country with the deadliest earthquakes is China. 

In 1556, a magnitude 8 earthquake hit Shensi, China and killed 830,000 people. This was the worst earthquake in history. The second deadliest was in 1976, in Tangshan, China. this one killed approximately, 655,000.

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