6 Ways to get Upgraded to First Class

Being upgrade to first class doesn’t have to cost a fortune. All it takes are a few proactive steps that can help ensure you fly in style.

When heading out on a trip and we board the airplane, we often walk past those in their first class seats in awe. We might even be wishing that it were us who gets priority boarding and fine service.

If only there was a way to upgrade to first class without forking over heaps of cash. Well, maybe just maybe there is something that can increase your chances of being upgraded.

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6 ways to boost your chances of being upgraded to first class

It might be a long shot, but it’s worth the risk. Upgrading to first class is often unlikely but there are a few things that might help.

Just Ask!

Sometimes if you want something you just have to go for it! It is actually surprising how often simply asking for an upgrade works.

When you check in, ask the agent if they are upgrading any passengers on the flight, and that you’d like to be considered.

Don’t forget your please & thank you’s, gate agents deal with brutal airline guests all day long. Being friendly and polite will help you stand out!

Join The Airline’s Loyalty Rewards Club

Regardless of how often you travel, becoming an airline’s reward member doesn’t hurt. Being a frequent-flyer of course gives you a leg up but it isn’t necessary.

This is where you’ll receive upgrade opportunities and flight deals. Gate agents often look at members first when choosing who to upgrade!

Special Occasion? Let The Flight Attendants Know

Is it your birthday, honeymoon or anniversary? Let the flight attendant or gate agents know!

Don’t be afraid to tell the airline staff and even politely plead to be be upgraded to first class. The worst that can happen is they say no.

Dress To Impress

Unfortunately, the world is a judgemental place, even at airports. Wearing sweats and yoga pants are definitely the comfier attire, however they might not be first class material.

Looking professional and showing that you belong is an easy way to get upgraded to first class!

Travel Solo 

More often than not, there is only one or two seats available in first class. So traveling alone increases your chances greatly.

Be As Early As Possible

You know what they ay, “the early bird gets the worm”. Well the early passenger gets upgrade to first class.

Be the first one to ask because your flight may only have 1 or 2 upgrades available.

Give Up You Spot

When a gate agent asks if any passengers are willing to give up their seat, always volunteer. Ask the agent if they upgrade you to first class on your next flight.

You might experience a delay but flying first class is worth it, especially on long flights. Not only that, giving up your spot can invite some good karma!


Being upgraded to first class relies on a lot of luck. However there are little things you do to increase your odds.

Be early, dress like you belong and don’t be afraid to ask! Good luck!

Depending on where you live, there may be travel restrictions due to the pandemic. Do your research before taking a trip!

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