Self Care In California

Among the most notable Californian customs, is the act of self care. Finding a top-class retreat in California just got a little easier!

Self Care In California

Californian life is not always as chill and dreamy as it’s cracked up to be. Depending on your lifestyle it can be pretty stressful. From traffic and busy businesses, feeling overwhelmed can happen easily.

Taking time for R&R is important no matter where we live. However, in beautiful California a gentle massage, a soothing facial or even a get away is sure to give us a boost!

self care in california
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Relax with a facial

Newark’s California Skin Care and Day Spa is situated in the East Bay. This retreat offers facials, massages, and body wrap.

Not to mention some more exciting services including tattoos (permanent make up), oxygen therapy, and such beauty services as eye lash extensions.

Additionally, they have a number of spa packages including the Lavish in Romance and the Day in Paradise – services available as internet packages.

Yoga and wine? yes please!

Looking to chill out and sip some amazing Sonoma wines? The Westerbeke Ranch will be your go to get away to meditate and catch a buzz.

This resort is all about balance; enjoy daily meditation, hikes and healthy meals. Farm-to-table meals prepared especially for you and nearby vineyards for you to explore.

Take a dip in the hot tubs and enjoy beautiful South American decor. Retire to your private or shared cabins and take it easy!

A-List detox

With over 40 years in the self-care business, The Ashram in Calabasas is a vision of healthy foods, exercise and relaxing in nature.

The name literally means “a place of peace” which definitely delivers confidence to those seeking tranquility. It is referred to as a ‘boot camp’ retreat. In other words The Ashram is challenging, stimulating and having fun!

With its combination of mountains and ocean, it truly is a place for temporary escape. The entire program is to allow their guests to reconnect with themselves in order to become centred.

This isn’t a day trip, you’ll be looking at, at least a week stay in a beautiful setting with physical and challenging tasks.  Bring comfy and workout clothes, leave behind all your distractions and get ready to detox!

Horses and Therapy

Similarly, if you’re looking for a weeklong get-away with family or friends the Redwood Coast Riding Vacation in Fort  Bragg, could be the spot!

No riding experience necessary, all you need is a positive attitude and the willingness to connect with these beautiful animals. Through beaches and up mountains, these horses will provide you with everything you need.

All things considered, If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience and to get some self care in California, this is your next vacation.

Bodywork In the Desert

Are you looking for the ultimate self care retreat in which you can fully heal and transform? Karine Pine’s Tecopa Hotsprings Treatments is where you need to head.

In the middle of The Death Valley Desert, there is a little cottage where healing and hope meet. Karine Pine’s bodywork and massage discoveries are unmatched when it comes to ‘break throughs’.

Her undoing retreat for women over 25 includes intensive bodywork, listening exercises, nutritious meals as well as soaks in the mineral water. If this sounds like the self care you’re needing, head over to her site!

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Overall, it is important to remember that taking care of yourself doesn’t need to require a fancy spa. On the contrary, it just takes some introspection and small daily attitude checks.

Self care in California looks like enjoy the gorgeous weather, embracing the nature and connecting with yourself. Of course, there is the added benefit of having fabulous spas and treatment centres all over the state.

Some of these oasis’ may not be available due to Covid restrictions, however check out their websites for more information!


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