Chinese Bombing Suspect Has Been Confirmed Dead

The individual responsible for a series of bomb attacks in the Liuzhou prefecture of China has been confirmed as dead.

Wei Yinyong was killed in an explosion of his own doing on Wednesday. Wei was 33 years old.

Wei produced several time bombs, some of which he delivered to locations in Liucheng County himself. Others he delivered using parcel services. Some of the places which received the bombs included hospitals, shopping malls, government offices, and prisons.

By sending the bombs to crowded places, it suggests that his goal was to kill as many people as possible.

Meanwhile, authorities increased the death count from the blasts from seven people to ten people. An additional 51 people have also been injured.

Authorities believe that Wei orchestrated the attacks because he was angry with villagers living near his quarry, as well as government departments that had declined some of his requests. Some local villagers have claimed that they had been involved in conflicts with Wei in the past.

The first attack occurred on Tuesday, as a series of 17 bomb explosions killed at least seven people and wounded 51.

The second strike occurred one day later on a residential building. At least three people have been declared dead as a result of the blast.

China has been somewhat uneasy as of late because of economic concerns and slowing rates of growth. The slowdown in China has caused declines in commodity prices throughout the globe. This has led to major commodity trading companies, such as Glencore, experiencing severe losses in value.

Mailing services have been temporarily suspended in the areas of the bombings, but they are set to resume tomorrow.

The news of Wei’s death comes as China is kicking off a week-long national public holiday.

It is somewhat unusual that China is not censoring this sort of news. The country has historically downplayed attacks conducted by its citizens.

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