Details Of The Shady TPP Trade Deal Were Just Released… In New Zealand

Details of the Tran-Pacific Partnership have been released to the public. Now everyone will be able to read about the questionable new trading agreement.

The agreement was made between a dozen Pacific Rim countries. The text for the agreement was finalized on October 5th, but it has only very recently been made available to everyone.

In Canada, the new Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has largely been unable to read the bill because he was not yet in office while negotiations were ongoing.

Trudeau has said that he has wanted to examine the agreement for himself. The bill caused great controversy during the recent Canadian Federal election due to the lack of details that were made available to the public.

The text of the TPP was finally made public by the New Zealand Foreign Ministry, as the ministry posted all 30 chapters of the entire text on their website. The text is currently available online for anyone to read.

The TPP contains hundreds of pages which regulate the trade of a massive range of goods, such as wine, cheese and automobiles. Countries involved in the TPP will be mandated to abide by these trading policies.

The previous Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper said that the agreement was a landmark deal when it was announced during the federal election campaign.

However, some industries have said that the TPP threatens the livelihood of workers across the world. Most notably, people in the automotive and dairy industries are displeased with the agreement.

Workers in the automotive industry are upset over a provision that will remove tariffs on imported automobiles.

Meanwhile, representatives of the dairy industry are concerned that the TPP will lead to supply mismanagement by failing to protect domestic production.

In addition, copyright activists are concerned that people could be unfairly punished for ripping CDs or uploading animated GIF files.

The agreement is still subject to ratification.

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