Gambling Site Operators Convicted Of Billion Dollar Conspiracy

Two people have been convicted of a racketeering conspiracy after reportedly operating an illegal international gambling enterprise that operated over both the telephone and the internet.

Kelly Dorn from Oklahoma City and Kory Koralewski from Parker, CO have been found guilty of illegal racketeering. Additionally, Dorn was also found guilty of operating an illegal gambling business.

The two men in question were members of Legendz Sports. This organization was said to be an international criminal enterprise that was in operation from 2003 to 2013. Reports indicate that the group accepted more than $1 billion in illegal wagers. Most of this money came from gamblers in the United States.

According to a 94 page indictment that was filed in March of 2013, Legendz Sportz operated both internet websites and telephone gambling services from facilities that were located in Panama City.

The indictment said that Legendz Sports illegally utilized interstate and international internet and telephone services in order to conduct its illicit gambling operation. The gambling operation operated throughout the United States and various other parts of the world, and it violated United States laws.

The website operated and accepted wagers every single day from the time it started until the time that it was shut down. Users wagered on a very large variety of sports and sport-like events on a daily basis. In total, more than $1 billion illicit wagers were made.

The Legendz Sports operation functioned out of Panama, and there is evidence that the operation used its proceeds to further support and promote illegal gambling in the country. Additionally, the operation regularly paid employees, and it built a multi-million dollar call center in order to take bets.

Earlier this year, the owner, CEO and President of Legendz Sports Bartice Alan King was convicted of conspiracy to commit money laundering.

A sentence hearing for the operators has not yet been set by the United States Department of Justice.

More than 50 additional individuals and organizations have been listed as defendants in the indictment. At this time, their trials are still ongoing.

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