Keep Pets Cool In A Heatwave With These 12 Tips

keep pets cool in a heatwave

Keep pets cool in a heatwave this summer with these helpful tips. Animals get hot and bothered too, so don’t forget to take care of your furry friends!

As we try to stay cool and comfortable this summer, we have to also remember to take care of our animals friends. Keep pets cool in a heatwave and remember to look out for signs of over heating.

Additionally, don’t forget to keep an eye out for all animals in distress this summer. Not only to keep our pets safe but to keep the wildlife safe as well.

Signs Of Over-heating

Summer is here and it is going to be hot all over the country. Remember, animals feel the heat just as much, if not more than we do. Watch out for these signs of over-heating:

  • Excessive Drooling
  • Excessive Panting
  • Difficulty Breathing
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea (with or without blood)
  • Weakness
  • Stumbling
  • Sudden collapsing

If your pet is suffering from any of these call a vet immediately and ask for advice.

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Tips to keep pets cool during a heatwave

Now that you know how to identify over-heating, here are some tips that will help keep pets cool during a heatwave. These tips aren’t just for dogs but can be applied to most pets.

1. Ice Cubes In Water Bowls or Bottles

Having water stations all over the house and property is important. If you have more than one pet, you will definitely need more than one water bowl. Additionally, drop some ice cubes in each bowl or water bottle. This will help keep our furry friends cool.

2. Damp Bandana or T-Shirt

This one works best for dogs, but some cats may not mind. You can drape a damp t-shirt around your pup or soak a bandana. This will help them stay cool and comfortable.

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3. Zero Time in Cars

This can’t be stressed enough, do not leave your pet in a car unattended. Even if your car has AC and you can leave it on while running into a store. It is best to practice not leaving your pet in a car unattended. It only takes minutes for them to over-heat and become distressed.

4. Stay Off Sidewalks and Roads

If you can’t walk on a side walk barefoot, your pets shouldn’t either. Avoid hot sidewalks and roads by staying home or going to parks instead. Allow your dog to walk on the grass. In severe cases animals can get burns on there paw pads which is extremely uncomfortable and can lead to infection.

5. Swimming, Baths or Hose

A kiddie pool, a lake or even just hosing them down will ensure your pet stays cool. Most cats probably won’t like water, but dogs tend to love it. If your dog is a good swimmer, take them to the beach or lake to swim and relax. Make sure they have lots of shade and fresh water.

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6. Bring Pets Inside

Animals get hot too, so bring them inside. If you have animals that live outdoors, it is important they have an indoor area they can relax in. Especially one that has AC or is equipped to keep them cool.

7. Wet Towels Over Cages

Keep pets cool during a heatwave by draping a damp towel over their cage. If you have bunnies, birds, or other caged pets, this will help keep the temperatures low. Do not cover the entire cage, as this could scare them or potentially cause suffocation.

8. Pet Safe Sunscreen

There is sunscreen for your pets that you can put on their ears, nose and paws. Find an all natural sunscreen for your dog to help keep them safe from harmful UV rays.

9. Watch Out For Wildlife

As it gets hot, other wildlife and harmful animals may start to come out. Always keep an eye on your pets during the summer. Discourage them from chasing or approaching wild or unknown animals.

Snakes, coyotes and racoons are very common in the summer months. These animals are potentially very dangerous and some will kill your pet. If you’re dog is bit by a snake or an unknown animals, take it to the vet immediately to receive antivenom.

It is important to also note, these animals live here too. We must respect their homes as well. Leave them alone and keep a watchful eye on your pets.

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10. Outdoor Shade

When outside with your pets, ensure both you and them have a shady spot to relax. If you don’t have trees to hangout near, get a tent or umbrella.

11. Regular Grooming

Most animals grow a winter coat, so proper and regular grooming is an essential in the summer months. Give them a good brushing and bath every couple weeks.

12. Cool Down Gear

Lastly, there is heaps of pet gear you can buy that will help keep you pets cool. Cooling pads, bandanas and harnesses are all excellent for helping keep pets cool during a heatwave.

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Help Other Animals keep cool during a heatwave

Everyone is trying to stay cool during the summer, even wild animals. If you see an animal in destress call your local authorities. Leave bowls of water around your property and even a sprinkler if you have one.

If you see an animal in a parked car, write down the cars information and contact the businesses in the area to find the owner. If that doesn’t work call the authorities and wait by the car until someone shows up.

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