This Springs Must See Netflix Original Series 2021

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Here we go! Here are our top picks of this springs must watch Netflix Original series and films.

What a crazy year. Covid made the whole world stop and more than ever are we looking for entertainment. Thankfully, Netflix Original Series and films are here to keep us busy.

Here are our top 10 picks for this springs must watch Netflix Original Series!

The SErpent 

This eight-part dramatic, true crime series will get your blood pumping! With all the drugs, robberies and gruesome murders, The Serpent is a must watch. Based on the real life crimes committed by Charles Sobhraj all around Asia in the 70s. Even more interesting, Sobhraj is still alive today, serving a life sentence in Nepal.

Watch The Serpent Now! 


netflix original

Things Heard & Seen

This Netflix Original horror drama is sure to give you a good spook. Enjoy Amanda Seyfried and James Norton as husband and wife after moving to a small town. What happens in their new home, might frighten you!

Watch Things Heard & Seen Now!


Bling Empire

Bling Empire is a new Netflix Original reality series that follows mega-wealthy Asian-Americans as they shop, fight and live in style. This is the first American reality series made by an all Asian-American cast. Be sure to catch all the drama and gain insight into Asian culture!

Watch Bling Empire Now!



Life in Colour

Do you love nature, animals and David Attenborough? Watch as David explore how colours crucial role in daily life for numerous species. This docu-series uses a creates a new perspective on how animals use colour to survive!

Watch Life in Colour Now!



netflix original Why Did You Kill Me?

Do you think of yourself as a bit of a detective? This true crime documentary follows Belinda Lane as she searches for clues to find those involved in a brutal murder. Watch how the rise of social media may be responsible for their death.

Watch Why Did You Kill Me Now!


Thunder Force

Looking for a good laugh and a wild ride? Netflix Original Thunder Force staring funny-women, Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer play an unlikely pair of best friend/superheroes!

Watch Thunder Force Now!


Netflix original Monster

Coming out in May 2021, Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson and co-star Kelvin Harrison Jr are staring in Monster. Watch this dramatic story of a talented kid who gets caught up in a series of crimes.

Watch Monster May 7th!



Woman in the Window

The fabulous Amy Adams is set to lead in this suspenseful film adaptation of the novel Woman in the Window. Coming out May 2021, experience psychological twists and turns with this Netflix Original film.

Watch Woman in the Window May 14th!



The UpShaws

Are you ready to meet the Upshaws? This sitcom staring hilarious Wanda Sykes is sure to get some laughs and get you thinking.

Watch The Upshaws May 12th!



Do you love fashion and drama? Than Halston staring Ewan McGregor is definitely going to be your favourite miniseries this spring. Watch as this famous fashion designer rises to the top as his life becomes unruly.

Watch Halston May 14th! 



There you have it folks. This spring and early summer’s must watch Netflix Originals. Stay entertained all season long with these great movies and series.

Let us know what Netflix Originals you’re excited for this year!


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