Mystery Illness Strikes Alabama Daycare Centers

Mystery Illness Strikes Alabama Daycare Centers

Hospitals in Montgomery, Alabama this week treated over 86 children with similar symptoms, raising fears of an outbreak.

The children suffered from vomiting, nausea and other digestive issues according to the Department of Public Health. Of the 86 treated as of Thursday, 30 were hospitalized and all but one have now been released.

The common connection so far seems to be that the children attended two day care centers, both of which were serviced by the same kitchen. The kitchen in question has been closed by the Department of Public Health and the agency has collected samples of food and from the kitchen area to test for a variety of substances.

The daycare center, which has about 300 children attending it, will also remains closed pending the outcome of the investigation.

Because health officials do not know the source of the illness they asked parents not to take children who attended the facilities in question to other daycare providers, as well as to

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