Russia Assures Terrorists That They Will Reap Revenge For Bombed Plane

Experts in Russia have confirmed that a bomb attack took down a Russian airplane over the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt last month. The attack killed all 224 people on the aircraft. Russian President Vladimir Putin has promised that the country will seek revenge for the attack. The Islamic State has already claimed responsibility for the devastating attack.

President Putin said in a meeting with Russian defense experts, “It is not the first time that Russia confronts barbarous terrorist crimes. The murder of our people in Sinai is among the bloodiest crimes in terms of victims. We will not wipe away the tears from our soul and hearts. This will stay with us forever but will not stop us finding and punishing the criminals. We will search for them anywhere they might hide. We will find them in any part of the world and punish them.”

According to Russian security chief Alexander Bortnikov, the airplane was brought down using a bomb that had the equivalent force of one kilo of TNT. The security chief has stated that the attack was without a doubt an act of terrorism.

Because of the attack, President Putin has promised that his country will increase their frequency of airstrikes in Syria. Russia is currently conducting a bombing campaign in the country that it claims is targeting ISIS, as well as other terrorist groups. However, some reports have shown that the country is also targeting Syrian rebel forces, some of which are allies of the United States.

Putin said, “The combat work of our aviation in Syria must not only be continued. It must be intensified so that the criminals understand that vengeance is inevitable.”

Although ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack, Russian officials have said that they are still waiting for the officials results of the investigation to be released. Putin has said that the foreign ministry of Russia will contact their allies for assistance. He says that Russia is counting on their allies to help them locate and punish the individuals who are responsible for the attack.

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