Senior Citizens Embracing Uber As Drivers

Senior Citizens Embracing Uber As Drivers

When you think of Uber drivers, you probably don’t think of senior citizens. However, that might change in the near future.

Uber drivers have many perks that are typically appreciated by retirees looking to make some extra money and get out of the house. The job has few barriers to entry and flexible hours, making seniors ideal candidates.

Seniors working as drivers for ride-sharing companies say that they like the fact that they can choose their own hours and take breaks whenever they feel like it.

They say that it also beats sitting around at home, while giving them some extra spending money.

Senior citizens have some of the highest unemployment rates in the country. Therefore, it’s no surprise that they are starting to embrace companies like Uber.

Although stereotypes exist that older Americans are often bad drivers, the statistics say otherwise. As of 2010, the age group of 55 to 64 had the highest rate of driver’s licenses among any age group at 94%. While the driving rates of younger Americans have fallen, they have continued to rise for seniors.

Additionally, since companies like Uber require that workers bring their own car, senior citizens are ideal since they are more likely than young people to purchase a new car. Seniors also purchase more expensive cars than young people on average.

Young people are often turned-off from working at Uber due to its lack of benefits and the fact that many people view it as a dead-end job. But for seniors, this is not a major concern. Most seniors don’t need a “second career”. Most of them already maintain health insurance from Medicare and their life-savings prevent them from needing the payments from a full-time job.

Uber stated earlier this year that 25% of its drivers were over the age of 55. The company says that it has enjoyed employing seniors, as it works out for both parties.

Perhaps most importantly, many seniors say that they enjoy being social and interacting with their fares.

It beats sitting at home.

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