McDonald’s Makes Yet Another Effort To Revamp Lackluster Sales

McDonald’s is continuing to make efforts to reverse its slumping sales. This time the burger chain is renaming its build-your-own burger program and replacing two flavors that did not prove to be popular offerings.

The program’s new name is “Chef Crafted”, which McDonald’s hopes will be more attractive to customers than the previous name of “Taste Crafted”.

In the flavor department, McDonald’s is clearly showing some love to bacon, as “maple bacon dijon” and “buffalo bacon” are in, and “hot jalapeno” and “deluxe” are out.

Company spokesperson Lisa McComb said, “The original name ‘Taste Crafted’ did not resonate with consumers. We decided to celebrate our chefs who have created these recipes and highlight the culinary expertise of our in-house and supplier chefs.”

McDonald’s has struggled to keep up with newer restaurants that offer healthier selections and more customizable meals. The “Chef Crafted” program is McDonald’s third try at a build-your- own burger offering.

The world’s largest restaurant chain is also offering customers the ability to “Create Your Taste”, using a large touch-screen kiosk where customers can choose their own toppings

The Chef Crafted program is currently being tested in more than 200 restaurants, and it will arrive in more restaurants later this year. A few restaurants that are lagging behind still feature the old “Taste Crafted” program.

Representatives of McDonald’s have stated that the term “Taste Crafted” was said to be “lacking in emotion”.

Meanwhile, McDonald’s has been advertising the chain’s premium offerings. These include “Quarter Pounder” cheeseburgers and “Artisan Grilled Chicken” sandwiches that are seasoned with lemon, garlic, and parsley.

Despite these efforts, sales for the company are still declining. The most recent quarter saw a 2% decline.

The Chef Crafted “maple bacon dijon” sandwich includes maple bacon, grilled onions, honey dijon sauce, white cheddar, and lettuce. The “buffalo bacon” option includes blue cheese sauce with crumbles, buffalo sauce, smoked bacon, lettuce, and tomato.

Many analysts say that the “Chef Crafted” name will also fail to attract customers. They claim that while the name would work in casual and fine-dining restaurants, it will not work in a fast food restaurant such as McDonald’s.

The consensus here is that McDonald’s is just trying yet another tactic that differs from what originally made it famous.

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