Sinkhole in Jerusalem Swallows Parked Cars

sinkhole in jerusalem

A massive sinkhole in Jerusalem swallows parked cars in a hospital parking lot. Here is everything we know and a video showing the collapse.

Just outside a hospital in Jerusalem, a huge sinkhole appeared and took down several cars. Viral videos of the event show the collapse of the parking lot.

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Sinkhole in jerusalem

Shaare Zedek Medical Centre in Jerusalem had a devastating sinkhole appear, seemingly out of  nowhere.

According to authorities, there are no reports of injuries. However, several cars have damages.

The sinkhole popped up near a highway, where a tunnel is under construction. Local reports state that the tunnels travels underneath the hospital and the parking lot, which is where the sinkhole developed.

Authorities are still searching for answers about whether or not the tunnel construction caused the incident.


The video shows 3 cars are swallowed by the parking lot collapse. Authority and emergency officials have been searching for potential injuries or casualties. However, no occupants were in the vehicles at the time.

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