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Sometimes I shake my head when I read something in the news that makes me flip a nut, I cannot believe people in power actually say the stupid shit they do. I remember when Representative Tila Hubrecht called pregnancy that results from rape “A gift from God” While she was arguing that abortion should be illegal, even in the case of rape and incest.

Now if you know me or read my blog you know I was a victim of rape when I was 15 years old. I was a virgin, a scared little girl who found out that besides having to endure something horrific as a rape, now found herself pregnant by such rape.

Now tell me Representive Hubrecht, was this a “Gift from God”
A teenager who had her whole life ahead of her, who didn’t ask to be raped, now pregnant? This is what you call a gift? Are your frigging nuts? Have you lost your frigging mind??

What do you know of being raped? Nothing because if you did you would never say something as stupid as this!

Do you know what it feels like to cross a picket line, when people are spitting on you, calling you a baby killer?
Or have a cold hearted doctor tell me that I shouldn’t cry now, that I should have thought about this before I spread my legs…wait…was he a relative of yours maybe? Because he sounds as cold hearted as you do.

No, you know none of this nor do you care what a 15 year old would do with a baby when she was just a baby herself.

You people that are so against abortions, who call us names, who want abortions to go back into the back alleys, have no solution to these young women. There is no plan in place to help these women keep a baby yet your so fast to pass judgement, to stand on your high and mighty soap box condemning the rest of us, yet offering no solution while you all run back into your glass mansions at night.

Believe me this was no “Gift from God” this ruined my life, this changed who I was, who I was supposed to be.

Yet your brilliant idea is to slap the rapist on the hand and let him off and then leave us stuck with a child we never wanted with no help from anyone.

And now with Cheeto man’s new “no health care plan” even less help and definitely no psychological help, as this is a “preexisting condition” to deal with.

As long as it doesn’t affect you or yours, your good. As long as health care is free for you and your political friends, who cares about the rest of us minions. As long as you’re going home to your big homes, in wonderful school districts, as long as you have your minimum wage nannies to watch your children, cooks, drivers and all the good life has to offer, who cares how a 15 year old deals with being molested or being raped. That a child that has run away from hell, now has to have to figure out how to raise this “Gift”

Get a frigging grip Bitch!! Wake the fuck up! This is real life, this is the real world, which obviously you don’t live in.

You just can’t throw around words like this, make laws like this, that will affect millions of women and not have a plan to help. Are you and your holier than thou friends planning on supporting these children?

Are you giving tax cuts, day care, free college or financial help to these women who under yours and the new Hitler’s regime? Who will now even have less help?
No, you people aren’t planning to do anything but look down and wave your self-righteous finger at the victims.


So today my friends, I beg of you get on the phone, call your Representatives, call your government officials, let them know your outrage, let’s stand up and throw these morons out of office.

In his term in office, Cheeto man has fired the FBI chief who was investigating him and 24 others. They arrested a member of the press because they didn’t like the questions they asked and yet they have morons like this running our country.

We are not United, we are divided. We are supposed to help our neighbors, love one another, have compassion, this is what we are made to do.
Yet where is that compassion? Why are we letting this happen?

If they want to put me in jail for my freedom of speech, go ahead but I will not go down without a fight, I will scream peace, love and compassion till I am taken home and if you any of you has a heart, you should be screaming as well.

“Be the change you want to see”

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