First Lady Ivanka Trump slaps away the hand of her Husband, the president

I will never forgot watching our first lady not once but twice slapped away the hand of her husband, the president.

It was really sly but with today’s technology and slow motion cameras, we all got to see it clearly. I thought that maybe she’s had enough,
It should have been clear to her, when the first day they went to the White house, he got out of the car and started walking up the steps without her, not even looking back at her. While President Obama, helped his first lady out of the car and held her hand while helping her up the stairs.

That was a statement heard around the world as well, no respect for your wife and the country’s first lady. But hey, didn’t we realize this when he said he like to “Grab them by the pussy”  So, maybe she’s close to done, maybe she didn’t want to be first lady, maybe she knew he would be the laughing stock of the world and that would be her title for life, laughing stock’s wife.

Maybe she was happy in New York, hanging with her friends, spending his money, only having to deal with him occasionally. But now she is thrown into the spotlight and she has to be there for all of these events, but you can clearly see she is not comfortable in the first lady role.

There is only so much a women will put up with, especially when you are constantly disrespected. He is the typical narcissistic and control freak, it’s all about him, always.
You are just there as trophy wife, to do what he says, to talk to you whichever way he feels like. You are his property, period.

I don’t think I’ve ever saw her smile, I don’t think she ever looked at him with loving, proud eyes like Michelle looked at her husband with.
No, she’s here because she’s forced to be here, it’s her duty as first lady like it or not.

But little telltale signs that she is close to done are cropping up, the eye rolls, the slapping away of his hand, the look of I don’t want to be here, I am dying here.

Yes, I know these signs all too well, all women who have been in abusive relationships know these signs, as well, as we have all been there.

I feel sorry for her, because she has the biggest narcissist in the free world, he already spoke many times how he sees women, as objects, as a  piece of meat, something to be seen and not heard. He has been loud and clear in his opinions over the years.

And now she is stuck, to grin and bear it, all while inside she is starting to despise him, if she doesn’t already.

Yes, men like that do have the upper hand for a while but eventually we become so dead inside we don’t care, about the titles, the money, the fame, we just want out. It’s as if you are suffocating and your slowly dying and you will do anything to get out, to get air. That is when you will run, you won’t care about all the things you thought were important in the past.

You will give it all up for your freedom, to have your life back on your terms. I don’t know how she is going to survive the next years, if Cheeto man gets that long in office.

But I myself will be praying for her, she had the hardest job, she has to pretend every day that she likes him, that he doesn’t make her sick every time he looks at her, every time he touches her. Yes, if she makes its through without losing it, she should get the Oscar for best performance.

So today my friends, remember not everything is what it seems, you would think being first lady would be something you dream about but at what cost? At what cost is worth your self-esteem, your heart and your soul?

There is always a cost you must pay, nothing is free when you give your power away, when you trade your soul for power and money.

Just listen to that inner voice, listen closely and then take a long, hard up close and personal look at what abusive looks like with our first lady and decide wisely.

“Be the change you want to see”

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