This Wednesday Chipotle Mexican Grill Will Create 4,000 American Jobs

Chipotle Mexican Grill today declared its first-ever National Career Day, set for Wednesday, September 9th, with the objective of hiring a whopping 4,000 new workers.

Management at all U.S. restaurants locations will conduct open interviews for a maximum of 60 applicants between 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. Interested applicants are invited to enroll for a formal interview at the Chipotle location of their preference by visiting

Chipotle presently employs at least 60,000 workers, and entry-level crew posts can put personnel on the path to developing more lucrative careers. Over the last year, the organization has issued at least 10,000 promotions into management positions to people that started as hourly crew.

Through National Career Day, interested candidates will have the chance to interview on location with a director and jumpstart their profession with one of the country’s fastest growing restaurant organizations.

“We believe that our success is the direct result of our incredibly strong people culture, which is rooted in having teams of all top performers, and developing them to be the leaders we will need to accommodate our growth,” stated Monty Moran, co-CEO at Chipotle.

With an organization culture that values mindset over work experience, Chipotle bases its human resources practice on a particular set of 13 features that show an applicant’s potential for accomplishment within the corporation.

These characteristics include being respectful, honest, curious, ambitious, polite, smart, presentable, happy, infectiously enthusiastic, conscientious, hospitable and motivated.

Unlike some organizations in the conventional fast casual and fast food industries, Chipotle gives all employees noteworthy career development opportunities, as well as payment and other benefits above industry average.

By developing professional skills within, at least 95 percent of the organization’s restaurant directors are sourced from from the company itself.

The best performing managers have the extra chance to be sponsored to Restaurateur, which comes with benefits such as a company vehicle and a desirable salary. Chipotle also offers an extremely solid benefits package to all workers, including a fully paid sick leave and holiday time for part and full time workers, along with education reimbursement and performance-based increases.

While this all sounds nice, it actually appears to be working. A recent worker survey revealed that Chipotle workers feel supported by the corporation and express fulfillment and satisfaction in their roles.

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