Verizon Goes Too Far With Censorship Of Customer Emails

Verizon Goes Too Far With Censorship Of Customer Emails

Phone company Verizon has started censoring emails that are sent by customers using its Verizon FiOS service. Any email that contains a hyperlink is determined to be spam, even if the link is relevant.

The discovery was made late last month, when a Verizon FiOS customer tried to reply to an email. The email contained a link that was relevant to their conversation. The person sending the email then received a message saying that their message was not sent because it was determined to be spam.

Since then, more customers of Verizon FiOS have complained about this problem. Customer service technicians for Verizon have explained that the spam filtration system of Verizon FiOS treats any email containing a hyperlink as spam.

Customers have said that Verizon has done virtually nothing to resolve this problem. Requests that were made to Verizon’s department for spam detection went unfulfilled.

Some customers are simply fed-up with Verizon, and they plan to switch to other suppliers of broadband series.

One former Verizon FiOS customer who had his emails censored said, “There are plenty of other broadband suppliers in the world, perhaps when Verizon starts losing clients and the money they pay each month, Verizon will figure out that censoring customer e-mails is not conducive to keeping customers.”

One particular reason that customers are disgruntled is the fact that they are not able to opt out of email screening.

Indeed, Verizon is scanning the digital signatures of all inbound and outbound email messages. It says that by doing this, the company can reduce the amount of spam on their network.

Without the ability to send hyperlinks, it won’t be long before Verizon experiences a very large number of fed-up clients who decide to take their business elsewhere. Sending links is a critical part of communication on the internet.

If Verizon cannot realize that, then the company really shouldn’t be involved in the online communications business.

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