VW Emissions Cheating Spreads To Gasoline Cars

VW Emissions Cheating Spreads To Gasoline Cars

The problems for German car company Volkswagen have gotten worse, as the company recently said that it had understated the amount of carbon dioxide emissions for roughly 800,000 vehicles that were sold in Europe. The car company also overstated the fuel economy for the cars.

Additionally, some gasoline-powered cars are also said to be involved. Volkswagen’s recent emissions scandal was said to have only affected diesel cars.

The latest report represents yet another emissions issue that further harms the company’s already tarnished image. There are widespread questions and concerns about the internal corporate controls of Volkswagen.

Indeed, the once proud car manufacturer known for its leading engineering prowess and carefully crafted image has possibly been forever destroyed.

With the news of the latest problem, the company is expected to be fined more than $2.2 billion in financial penalties. This comes on top of the tens of billions of dollars that the company is already expected to lose from its original emissions scandal.

The company is currently facing widespread lawsuits by both investors and car owners and criminal investigations as a result of the original scandal.

Meanwhile, the company is still reportedly investigating what exactly led to the false emissions data, and representative have said that they want to make any new information public as soon as possible.

According to Volkswagen, most of the 800,000 vehicles involved in the current carbon dioxide issue were diesel vehicles. Only a small number of vehicles with a gasoline engine are involved. Volkswagen officials discovered the problem while investigating the initial issue. They have said that a recall will not be needed to fix the new issue.

Cars that are affected by the issue include the Polo, Golf and Passat. The Audi A1 and A3 were also affected.

Additionally, earlier this week, certain models of the Porsche Cayenne SUV were also found to have cheated on nitrogen oxide emission tests. Porsche says that it plans to stop selling diesel versions of 2014 through 2016 Cayenne SUVs.

Since new Volkswagen CEO Matthias Mueller was once the head of the company’s Porsche division, many experts are calling him into question, saying that he knew about the scandal long before news went public. Mueller has said that he had no knowledge of any emissions cheating by the company.

Volkswagen has still not revealed who exactly was responsible for installing the emissions cheating software into any of the vehicles.

Clearly, it will be a very long time until the general public ever again approves of a diesel vehicle from Volkswagen. In fact, that day might never come.

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