Canadian Government Joins U.S., Germany In Being Hacked This Year

Canadian Government Joins U.S., Germany In Being Hacked This Year

The Canadian Government has fallen victim to an activist-related hacking attack, joining a growing list of world governments that have fallen victim to hack attacks this year alone. The ruling Conservative government has been accused of being lazy with fighting cybercrime following its admission that its servers had been hacked.

The admission from Treasury Board President Tony Clement came after hacking collective Anonymous claimed on its Twitter account, it had shut down government websites in a protest against a controversial bill passed recently by both the Canadian House of Commons and the Senate.

Anonymous also posted a YouTube video in which it said it had targeted the Canadian Government for passing Bill C-51 which it described as a "clear violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights" .

The Bill lowers the burden of proof needed to brand someone a national security threat, meaning easier “lawful” arrest and surveillance of people suspected of being threats to Canada's national security.

While Canada's Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney played the heavy saying those responsible for the hacks will have to face the full force of the law”, the opposition National Democrats Party's (NPC) said playing tough now was too late.

Rosane Doré Lefebvre, NPC’s deputy critic for public safety, accused the Government of being lazy with fighting cyber crime.

"Our allies are much further ahead of us in terms of cyber security,' she said citing criticism of the Government in 2012 by the Auditor General for not having 24/7 cyber security surveillance.

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