Despite Recent Shootings, Most Americans Still Approve Of The NRA

Despite Recent Shootings, Most Americans Still Approve Of The NRA

The latest Gallup poll shows that Americans still approve of their right to bear arms, as 58% of Americans approve of the National Rifle Association. The NRA is known for its hardline stance against gun restrictions and protecting the country’s right to bear arms.

Americans still believe that guns are an important right, even after mass shootings are occurring on a frequent basis. Earlier this month, a shooting took place at a community college in Oregon.

Meanwhile, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has spoken out against the NRA for not taking measures to encourage gun control. Other people have called into question the longstanding NRA phrase “it takes a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun”.

However, despite recent shootings and criticisms, most Americans approve of the NRA.

In fact, the association’s current 58% approval rating is almost an all-time high. The highest approval rating came in 2005, when 60% approved of the NRA. Gallup has been conducting this poll for 26 years.

The lowest rating came in 1995, when only 42% of Americans said that they had a favorable opinion of the NRA. Around this time, the NRA was making comments that were critical of federal law enforcement agents.

While most Americans overall approve of the NRA, the issue is drastically different across party lines. The Gallup poll showed that 77% of conservatives approve of the NRA, while only 30% of liberal feel the same way.

Additionally, people who already own a gun are much more supportive of the NRA than non-owners. The results showed that 78% of gun owners approve of the NRA, compared to just 49% of non-owners. Currently, 28% of Americans report owning a gun.

The fact that the NRA can maintain a favorable opinion even at a time when Americans are particularly sensitive about gun laws goes to show that the organization is not being blamed for the actions of others. Just because some people used guns to commit violent acts does not mean that most gun owners will do so.

The NRA has sparked controversy in the past, saying that fewer shooting would take place if more Americans were armed.

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