Joe Biden’s Potential Presidential Run Filled With Emotion

Joe Biden’s Potential Presidential Run Filled With Emotion

Whether or not Joe Biden makes a run for President of the United States reportedly has a lot to do with the wishes of his late son.

Beau Biden reportedly tried to make his father promise to run for president before his death earlier this year in late May.

According to Joe Biden, his late son Beau wanted him to run because “the White House should not revert to the Clintons and that the country would be better off with Biden values.”

While some people believe that this represents a cancer-stricken son’s legitimate dying wish to his dad, others are somewhat skeptical, believing that it is a clear attack at presidential candidate and fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Biden’s decision regarding a 2016 presidential run has largely been surrounded by emotion, as some people believe that Joe Biden wouldn’t have the strength to run for president after his son died earlier this year.

However, many believe that Joe Biden is being calculative. He knows that he is drawing more support away from Clinton than candidate Bernie Sanders. He is aware of the challenges of running against a female candidate. And perhaps most pressing, he realizes that time is running out to make a decision, as Biden only has about a week left to make a run even possible.

Others think that a run for president would be exactly the spark that Biden needs after going through immense tragedy earlier this year.

If Biden were indeed to make a run, many speculate that Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren would serve as his running mate. Biden and Warren met for a secretive meeting in late August.

Former advisor of President Barack Obama, David Axelrod has reportedly spoken with Joe Biden about the race. He believes that Biden has a legitimate shot at winning the election, despite the fact that he still hasn’t announced his candidacy.

Axelrod stated, “His bet is that disaffection with Hillary will allow him to peel away some of her donors and operatives.”

Meanwhile reports indicate that potential future first lady Jill Biden would not stop her husband from running.

That being said, many people don’t believe Biden will run simply due to the fact that there hasn’t been a large amount of detailed planning on his part.

For now, Biden is taking as much time as possible in making the difficult decision. People close to Biden admit that if he makes a quick entry in the upcoming week, it will be because the calendar pressed him to say yes.

Still, the emotion is real for Joe Biden. In a recent interview with Stephen Colbert, he stated that he’d feel like he was letting Beau down if he didn’t run.

However, this isn’t a Hollywood movie and the decision to make a legitimate run for president goes beyond a dying son’s wish.

Meanwhile, Biden, who is a devout Roman Catholic, met with Pope Francis during his American visit. The Pope wished Biden the best after the loss of his son.

The two did not discuss the 2016 Presidential Election.

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