Russia Masses 54,000 More Troops On Ukrainian Border

Russia Masses 54,000 More Troops On Ukrainian Border

According to Ukraine's military spokesman, Russia is massing more troops on border with Ukraine as well as in the occupied Donetsk and Luhansk areas.

Roughly 54,000 troops now sit on its border with Ukraine, according to the deputy head of anti-terrorist operation, Colonel Sergiy Galushko. Ukraine's press office reported the new movements on its Facebook page late Friday.

"Currently, Russia continues to deploy a group of troops in close vicinity to border and in the occupied territory of Ukraine, consisting of 45 battalion tactical groups, 17 company tactical groups, with a total number of servicemen exceeding 54,000 people, with all weapons and equipment" the post said.

In addition to 50,000 or more troops sitting outside Ukraine's borders another 15 battalion tactical groups and six company tactical groups are actively operating within Ukraine.

Russia invaded Ukraine on March 4th 2014 using thinly disguised Russian troops equipped with the latest Russian military technology. The troops were quickly exposed as being Russian yet the Kremlin has continued to deny involvement.

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