10 Reasons to Adopt a Pet

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These 10 reasons to adopt a pet make looking for that furry companion all the more worth it. Don’t shop, ADOPT!

10 reasons to adopt a pet

Let’s dive in!

reasons to adopt a pet
Don’t Shop, ADOPT | Madeline Bowen

1. You’ll save a life!

This is number 1 because not only should it tug at your heart strings, it also makes you a hero. Every year approximately, 1 million adoptable animals are killed.

The only reason for this is because there are too many pets in shelters and too few people looking to adopt. Reduce these numbers and save a furry friend!

2. Reasons To Adopt a Pet, Well…It Costs Less

Shelters just want to ensure these pets go to good homes. The fees you pay go to cover the care, vaccinations and spay/neutering.

Not only is is significantly less than what you’d pay a breeder, you also save on vet fees!

3. The Bragging Rights and Endless Instagram Material

Spice up your next selfie with a picture of your rescue pet and let the well-earned likes roll in. In addition to bragging, put pet ‘shoppers’ to shame with your adorable rescued companion.

4. All Pets Are Good For Us But Rescues Are Even Better

Almost all pets will give you unconditional love, additionally they improve our physical, mental and emotional well being with companionship.

However, when you adopt you can just imagine how much more this will improve your health. You literally saved a life and you can only dream of understanding what that means to your furry friend.

5. Huge Reasons to Adopt a pet is to Fight Puppy Mills

You know when you walk into a pet store and see all those puppies in little play pens? Those dogs are from puppy mills and is one of the most important reasons to adopt a pet.

Puppy mills are factory-style breeding facilities that choose profit over the well-being of the animals. Animals from mills are placed in terrible conditions with improper care and are often sick, diseased and have behavioural issues.

In addition to the poor puppies, think of the moms! These mamas are kept in cages to be bred over and over for years. After the moms and puppies are no longer profitable they are literally thrown out; killed, abandoned or sold at auctions.

6. Shelters Make It Easy!

Find pets near you that are either at the physical shelter or in foster homes. All you do is fill out an application and follow up. Often times it is first come first serve so you may need to fill out multiple applications but when you are chosen there is almost zero waiting time!

You can even find purebreds who are waiting for there forever homes!

7. Adoption Helps More Than One Animal

Shelters takes in millions of strays, abused or lost animals every year. When you choose to adopt a pet, you’re making room for others.

Moreover, you’re giving more than one animal a second chance. Not to mention cost of adoption goes directly towards helping those shelters provide better care for the animals they take in.

8. Eternal Gratitude

Most of these rescue pets come from horrifying conditions before ending up in a shelter. From abuse or breeding to old age and abandonment, whatever the reason, your pet will understand and appreciate the love and kindness you show them.

9. Less-Training

Most shelter pets are already house-trained and will know simple commands. Not only will you be saving a pet’s life, you’ll be saving your time, money and furniture!

Adopting an older pet not only gives them a second chance but it means bringing them into your family and home will be much easier.

10. You’ll Change A Homeless Pet’s Life And Your Own

In the end, the most important reason to adopt a pet is to get a new best friend. Animal shelters are overflowing with happy and healthy pets waiting for someone to take them home.

Most of these animals didn’t do anything wrong and just want to be loved. So what are you waiting for, visit your local shelter today!

adopt a pet
Rescue Kitten | Thomas Park

Check out PetFinder or ASPCA for adoption information!

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