Leonardo DiCaprio Pledges $43 Million to Save The Galápagos Islands

leo dicaprio donated43 million to galapagos islands

Actor and environmental activist, Leonardo DiCaprio pledges $43 million toward saving the Galápagos Islands. Here is what the money and efforts will be going towards.

An alliance of several groups including the newly formed organization backed by Leonardo DiCaprio, has deployed $43 million in efforts to restore the  Galápagos Islands.

This island is well-known for its amazing species and has been a central role in scientists’ understanding of ecology and evolution.

There are 3 main priorities of the Galápagos initiative:

  1. Helping restore Floreana Island, one of the islands most degraded by human activity
  2. Increasing the population size of the critically endangers pink iguana on Isabela Island
  3. Strengthening protection of the main reserves, which are critical to the local economy

With more than 40 partners, ranging from local NGO’s to governments to international organizations.

To kick off the initiative, DiCaprio handed over the control of his social media to Paula A. Castaña. She is a veterinarian and biologist who lives in the Galápagos Islands and has been working alongside DiCaprio.

leo dicaprio donates 43 million to galapagos islands
Lizards Basking | Caterina Sanders

Why leonardo dicaprio pledges $43 million to Galápagos Islands

DiCaprio said in a statement “When I travelled to the Galápagos Islands, I met with Paula Castaña and other environmental heroes in Ecuador. Who work day in and day out to save one of the most irreplaceable places on the planet.”

“I’m excited to share her team’s work and to support the longstanding effort to protect and restore these iconic islands, alongside the team at Re:wild.”

Moreover, one of the groups who is leading the charge is Re:wild. This organization was formed between Global Wildlife Conservation and Leonardo DiCaprio. Additionally, DiCaprio is a founding board member of Re:wild.

The group plans to increase its existing global work by putting more emphasis on the concept of ‘rewilding’. This essentially means restoring species and ecosystems to previous levels of abundance and health.

In a press release, Re:wild said “Rewilding, a positive reframing for nature conservation, involves holistic solutions to remove barriers, reestablish vibrant wildlife populations and intact, functional, and resilient ecosystems that effectively integrate people.”

Leonardo DiCaprio pledges $43 million to save the galapagos Islands
Galapagos Islands in Ecuador | Getty

What Are These New Initiatives Targeting?

Floreana Island has lost significant amounts of vegetation and species from land clearing, intentional fires and invasive species.

Re:wild is focusing on its potential for restoration by reintroducing 13 species that have gone extinct and help increase the population of the island’s 54 endangered species.

Additionally, the efforts going toward Floreana Island will be expanded into other parts of the Galápagos Islands as well.

Over the next decade, the goal is to restore two-dozen islands by “halt and revers” the decline of 250 threatened species. In addition to increasing the protection and management of the area.

“Time is running out for so many species, especially on islands where their small populations are vulnerable and threatened.” Castaña said in a statement.

“We need catalytic investments like the one announced today to replicate our successes in the Galápagos and elsewhere.”

leo dicaprio's new movie
Leonardo DiCaprio | Denis Makarenko

Leonardo DiCaprio Launched $5 Million Emergency Fund To Help Combat Amazon Rainforest Fires Last Year

This isn’t the first time DiCaprio has used his wealth, success and status to do good for the environment and climate change.

Just last April he launched a $5 million emergency fund for the Amazon Rainforest.

Not only that, over the last 20 years he has supported over 200 projects with 132 different organizations. Fighting to help with climate change, marine and land conservation, critical species preservation and Indigenous rights.

Absolutely outstanding work from not only a great actor but a seemly great person.

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