7 Steps to Better Sleep

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Nothing beats a good night sleep, but for many of us this can be a difficult task. Have no fear,  here are 7 steps towards better sleep!

Bedtime is supposed to be a peaceful and relaxing part of everyones day. Unfortunately, some people have trouble sleeping. Turning bedtime from “best part of the day” to the “most troublesome part of the day.”

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7 tips and tricks for a better sleep

1. Turn Off All The Lights In The Room

Sleeping in complete darkness enables you to remain in deep sleep for a longer period. Meaning that the person feels as refreshed as possible in the morning.

Too much exposure to light can mess with our naturally programmed melatonin levels. In addition, sleeping in complete darkness can actually lower risks of depression.

2. Develop, and More Importantly, Stick to a Sleep Plan

Setting and sticking to a sleeping schedule causes the body to awaken at a certain time and lean toward slumber at a certain time.

Keeping a regular sleep-schedule, even on the weekend, helps our bodies maintain its internal clock and can drastically improve sleep!

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3. Journal Any Thoughts That Are Keeping You Up

A running mind is a common cause for many not receiving the proper amount of sleep. Writing down your bedtime thoughts can help you vent or resolve any frustrations that you may have, allowing you to have a peaceful sleep.

A study found that journalling before bed can reduce worry, stress and lead to a better sleep.

4. Avoid Eating Heavy Meals a Few Hours Before Going To Bed

If you eat a hefty meal before bed, the uncomfortable sounds and processes of your digestive system will cause you to remain awake.

Any feeling of hunger you have an hour before bed should be remedied with a light snack, not a full-fledged meal.

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5. If You Feel Tired But Can’t Fall  Asleep, Do Not Watch TV or Use Your Phone or Computer

The lights flashing on your TV, phone, tablet, or computer screen keep the neurons in your brain active, which is counterproductive to a goodnights rest.

If you are having trouble falling asleep, avoid any usage of technology in favor of listening to calming music or taking deep breaths.

6. Exercise Regularly But Not Near Bedtime

Exhausting your body from exercise is an excellent way to force yourself to sleep. However, if you exercise right before bed, your body will still be churning with adrenaline.

Exercise at most three hours before your bedtime. The best time for physical activity is actually when you first wake up. Your body will be pumping with feel good hormones like endorphins which give you tons of energy.

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7. Do Not Take Naps To Amend For Lost Sleep

Taking naps is a mistake many make in trying to atone for lost sleep. However, naps disrupt your natural sleep cycle (especially the 3+ hour ones) and should be avoided.

If you absolutely must take one though, make sure the nap is about 30 minutes.

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A goodnight rest is an essential part of life. Without proper sleep, a person’s functionality can be dramatically reduced. Following these seven steps will aid you in the journey of getting a better night’s sleep.

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